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Glenariff Forest Park is situated amid the world famous Glens of Antrim, an area to which tourists have been coming for over a century. Glenariff, the Queen of the Glens, is considered by many people to be the most beautiful of the nine Antrim Glens.

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The Waterfalls

The Park, now including the former Parkmore Forest, covers an area of 1185 ha of which 900 ha have been planted with trees. The remainder consists of several small lakes, recreation areas and open space left for landscape and conservation reasons.

Bisecting the Park are two small but beautiful rivers; the Inver and the Glenariff, containing spectacular waterfalls, tranquil pools and stretches of fast flowing water tumbling through rocky steep-sided gorges. The soil over most of the forest is of low fertility being mainly peat over basalt. Along the river glens the relatively more fertile clays support a greater variety of plants and better tree growth. 

The main tree species is Sitka spruce, a North American conifer, but Douglas fir, Japanese larch, Lodgepole pine and Norway spruce are also grown. Along the Inver and Glenariff rivers there are some beautiful areas of broad-leaved woodland mostly Oak and Beech. 
The diversity of topography, woodland and habitats found within Glenariff Forest Park provide, for the visitor, an area of superb natural beauty in which to walk, enjoy the tranquillity and admire the spectacular views.

  • Dalriada Cottage

    Dalriada Cottage offers a high standard of Self Catering Accommodation and is ideal for Family Holidays or for a group of friends on a relaxing week/ weekend break and is in an ideal location for exploring the Glens Of Antrim and The Causeway Coast.

    • Ideal For Families
    • Ideal location
    • Pet friendly home
    • Sleeps 8 people
    • Free WIFI available